May 15, 2009

Dear Congress Registrants,

UPDATE: The finalized schedule of the 14th International Congress for Circumpolar Health has now posted on the congress website (with cover/large file ~13MB | without cover/small file ~1MB).

It looks like an exciting programme with over 400 oral papers and 120 posters accepted. The site gives information about proposed calendar of congress meetings, workshops, and social events as well as the scientific programme and schedule of presentations. Please notify us if you detect any scheduling conflicts (e.g., if you are scheduled to give 2 papers at the same time) or errors in the transcription of your authors list and presentation title.

Please remember that this schedule is a DRAFT and may be changed over the coming weeks. Therefore you should continue to check the website at periodic intervals.

All oral presentations are to be 10 minutes in duration, with 5 minutes for questions. In some sessions there will be extra time at the end of the session for reflection and general discussion. We will have a speaker ready room and ask that you transfer your presentation files (if any) to the congress server a minimum one day before your presentation. The speaker ready room will open July 11 at 9:00am. Technical assistance will be available. The official language of the congress is English.

At the end of each day there is a video session in a location devoted to that purpose.

We have arbitrarily assigned moderators for the sessions. It is possible moderators may change at a later date for logistical reasons. If you have been listed as a moderator, but do not wish to be one, or if you have competing duties, let us know. The job description of the moderator will be posted soon on our website. However, the key task is to keep the session on time (“time cop”), and to encourage and facilitate discussion. Moderators are encouraged to call on elders and youth in the audience to give perspective on what they have heard. Moderators are drawn from different countries, and different ages and backgrounds, in order to draw participants together.

If you are presenting a paper, you have the option of submitting it to the conference proceedings, at the time of the congress. Please see the instructions for authors on the congress website. The conference proceedings are not peer reviewed. The alternate option is to submit your paper electronically to the International Journal for Circumpolar Health, at the time of the congress, for the usual peer review process and, if accepted, publication in the journal with acknowledgement that the paper was presented at the ICCH14. Please see the journal website for submission requirements for the journal.

If you are presenting a poster, the dimensions are 230 cm wide by 115 cm tall or 90 inches by 45 inches. Poster boards pins and velcro pads will be available. We would like you to put up your poster on the second day of the congress (Sunday, July 12) and leave them up all week. Please see the schedule for the designated time you are expect to stand by your poster in order to interact with those who wish to speak with you. The number and site of your board will be made available to you on the day of your registration. The full roster of posters are posted here.

Please note that specific times and sites have been allocated for the meetings of the IUCH working groups, IUCH council (at the beginning and end of the congress), member societies, IJCH and publisher, International Network of Circumpolar Health Researchers, and other workshops/sessions.

Please also note that the general meeting of the IUCH, and voting for members from the floor, will take place on the second last day of the meeting (Wednesday July 15, 2009) rather than the more traditional time slot on the last day. This has been done to enhance attendance.

We look forward to seeing you at ICCH14.

Susan Chatwood
Co-Chair, ICCH14 Scientific Subcommittee

Pamela Orr
Co-Chair, ICCH14 Scientific Subcommittee
President, IUCH and CSCH

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