Please note that these moderator guidelines are tentative and subject to change pending feedback.

1. Arrive at your venue at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the concurrent session to chat with your co-moderator and the presenters and to check that:

  • water is available (participants will be asked to bring their ICCH mugs),
  • audiovisual equipment is in working order (presentations should be preloaded on the computer), and
  • lighting is optimal.

Volunteers and an audiovisual technician will be available in the main hall to assist you if any problems should arise.

2. At the beginning of the session,

  • close the doors to signal the start of presentations,
  • ask the audience to turn off cell phones and pagers,
  • welcome the audience to the session,
  • briefly introduce yourself and any co-moderator, and
  • introduce the agenda.
3. The moderator’s key task is to keep the session on schedule. A maximum of ten minutes has been allocated for presentations:

  • At the 8 minute mark, you should hold up a prepared card signaling that the speaker has 2 minutes to wrap up.
  • At the 10 minute mark, you should ask the speaker to conclude their presentation.
  • After thanking the speaker, you can open the discussion to the floor for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • If there is no more questions or 5 minutes have elapsed, please thank the speaker again before welcoming the next speaker.

Please note that moderators must intervene before the end of fifteen minutes to keep the session on track.

4. After all the speakers have presented, bring the session to a close with brief summary remarks if so desired. Also, make any special announcements and encourage the audience to visit exhibits and posters at this time.

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