Sunday, July 12, 1:30-3:30 PM

Venue 1: Mental Health & Wellness #1 – Holistic & Healing Community Programs

Moderators: Chris Fletcher + Alana Mero

Stordahl, V. Developing Sami Mental Health Service: From Vision to Implementation.

Petit, M. From the Heart Place – Holistic Health.

McCormick, R. The Utilization of Nature in Healing for Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.

Robbins, J. The Emerging Issue of Crystal Methamphetamine Use in First Nations Communities.

Tzemis, D., Druyts, E. F., Forrest, J. I., Orchard, T. R., Zhang, W., Fernandes, K. A., Brandson, E. K.,* Montaner, J. S. G., & Hogg, R. S. High Rate of Self-Perceived HIV-Related Stigma among a Cohort of Individuals Accessing Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in British Columbia.

Venue 2: Indigenous Research #1

Moderators: Lois Edge + Lori De Ravello

Walberg, B. Journey of an Outsider: In Search of a Respective Research Paradigm.

Baikie, G. Constructing an Indigenous-Centered and Decolonizing Research Methodology.

Bull, J. “It’s not as Cool as Shooting Birds”: Building Research Relationships with Aboriginal Communities.

DeCourtney, C. Qualitative Research for Cultural Groups Redefined.

Tait, C. The Role of Ethical Guidelines in the Delivery of Frontline Mental Health and Addictions Programming in Canadian Indigenous Communities.

Venue 3: Indigenous Health & Wellness #1

Moderators: Marilyn Van Bibber + Ann Broderstad

Catholique, J. C. Incorporating Traditional Knowledge, Teachings, and Practices to Revive Health and Wellness in a Dene Community North of 60.

Johns, A. A Labrador Community Grammar: Language Healing.

Zubov, L.,* Apicyn, A., Peskov, V., & Abryutina, L. The Medical-Social Aid to the Aborigines of the Russian Northern Territories Conducting Traditional Vital Activity.

Johnson, R.*, Leavitt, D. & Morales, R. Pan-Arctic TV Series on Inuit Wellness: Preliminary Evaluation Findings and Lessons Learned.

Wexler, L. Cultural Continuity and Resilience: Investigating the ways that three Generations of Inupiaq Overcome Hardships.

Irlbacher-Fox, S. Aboriginal Self-Government and Social Suffering.

Venue 4: Population Genetics – CPT1A P479L in the North: Risk Factor, Protective Factor, or Both?

Moderator: Laura Arbour
NOTE: This session runs from 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Arbour, L.,* & Mala, T.* Introduction and Overview.

Greenberg, C. CPT1 P479L in newborns of the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.

Koeller, D. The Experience with CPT1 Newborn Screening in Alaska.

Vallance, H. Estimate of British Columbia CPT1P479L Prevalence and Review of Medically Ascertained Pediatric and Sudden Death Cases from BC.

Collins, S. CPT1 P479L Prevalence in Live Newborns and Sudden Death Cases in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Hegele, R. Carnitine Palymitoyltransferase IA Polymorphism P479L is Common in Greenland Inuit and is Associated with Elevated Plasma Apolipoprotein AI.

Boyer, B. Could CPT1P479L Influence Obesity in Adults in Alaska?

Burke, W. Managing Uncertainty: Implications of CPT1A P479L for Ethics and Policy.

Venue 5: Community Participatory Research Methods #1

Moderators: Denise Kurszewski + Lisa Bourque-Bearskin

Allman, D.,* & Myers, T. Understanding Aboriginal Community-based Research in Canada.

Rink, E.,* Gesink-Law, D., Montgomery-Andersen, R., Poppel, U., Binzer, A., Montgomery-Andersen, S., Koch, A., & Mulvad, G. The Realities Encountered while Introducing the Community-based Participatory Research Approach in Greenland.

Huntington, J.,* Goodman, K. J., Munday, R., Fletcher, C., & Gordon, G. Strategies for Communicating Health Research Findings to Members of an Arctic Aboriginal Community.

George, A.,* & Martin, W.* An Aboriginal Community Initiative to Partner with Academics: Developing Evidence-based Strategies to Improve the Health & Well-being.

Poulsen, B. K. How Greenland Organized Preventative and Health Promotion Work.

Tensen, I., Nakimayak, H., Fraser, J., Okalik, L., Saudny-Unterberger, H., Egeland, G.M., & Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunatsiavut, and Nunavut Steering Committees. A Day in the Life of the IPY Inuit Health Survey Land Team: Preparing Communities.

Gittelsohn, J.,* Kratsmann, M., Roache, C., Ogina, J., Reid, R., & Sharma, S. Participatory Approaches for a Community-based Chronic Disease Prevention Program in two Canadian Inuit Communities: Development of Healthy Foods North.

Goodman, K. J.,* Munday, R., Huntington, J., Cheung, J., van Zanten, S., & Corriveau, A. Community-driven Research on Helicobacter pylori Infection in a Canadian Arctic Hamlet.

Venue 6: Human Biology #1

Moderators: Jon Oyvind Odland + Laurie Chan

Osokina, I.,* & Man’huk, V. Iodine Deficiency in the North of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Fedina, R. Factors that Influence the Biochemical Characteristics and Hormones of Hypophyseal-Thyroid-Adrenal System of Men.

Buyack, M.A.,* Mirdaleeva, E. R., Samsonova, E. G., Vorobyova, Y. V., & Kudryashova, E. B. Results of Research of Free Radical Oxidation in Population of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia).

Salavat, S. System of Xenobiotycs Metabolism among Native People on Far East. Role of this System in the Development of Diseases.

Tracy, B. The Impact of Artificial and Natural Radioactivity in the Lichen -> Caribou -> Human Food Chain.

Chen, J.,* Timmins, R., Verdecchia, K., & Sato, T. An Estimation of Cosmic Ray Background Exposure in Northern Territories.

Desaulniers, D.,* & Hua-Xio, G. Postnatal Exposure, But Not In-Utero Exposure, to Mixtures of Northern Contaminants Alters the Adulthood Glucocorticoid Stress Response in Male Rats.

Sidorov, P. I.,* Sibileva, N., & Zubov, L. Some Features of Health State of Indigenous Population’s Children in the North of Russia.

Korolenko, T.,* & Cherkanova, M. S. New Serum Markers of Aging and Atherosclerosis: Chitotriosidase, Matrix Metalloprotease Activity, and Cystatin C Concentration.

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