Wednesday, July 15, 1:30-3:30 PM

Venue 1: Focusing on Children and Families in Northern Canada: Moving Forward with University/Community Partnerships

Moderators: Stuart MacLeod + Anne George

Armstrong, B., George, A., & MacLeod, S.* Child Health Research in a Northern Canadian Context: Roles and Responsibilities of an Academic Department of Pediatrics.

MacLeod, S. Optimal Drug Therapy for Children.

George, A. Community-based Injury Surveillance Research.

Clarren, S.,* & Salmon, A.* FASD Research across the Province.

Van Bibber, M. Community Readiness to Engage in FASD Research.

Martin, W.,* & George, A.* First Nation-University Partnership: Laxgalts’ap Village Government’s Partnership with University-based Researcher.

Arbour, L. A Participatory Approach to Addressing Long QT Sundrome in a Large Northern B.C. Community.

Venue 2: Social Determinants of Health #2

Moderators Alana Kronstal + Angeline Letendre

Greenwood, M.,* & Downey, B.* Social Determinants of Indigenous Health: The Journey of Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Voices at the International Level.

Dahl-Peterson, I. K.,* Bjerreggard, P., & Jorgensen, M. E. Low Physical Activity at Work is Associated with Sex, Occupation, and Community Size among Inuit of Greenland.

Martial, R.,* Cameron, B., King, M., Bourque-Bearskin, R. L., & Savalas, A. S. Reducing Health Disparities and Promoting Equitable Access to Health Care for Aboriginal Peoples.

Parlee, B.* & Napolean, V. Social Capital and the Well-being of Aboriginal Single Mothers.

Salokangas, R.* & Parlee, B. Role of Education in Influencing Community Well-being.

Venue 3: Newborn & Child Health #2 – Maternal Health & Surveillance (PART B)

Continued from the morning session

Venue 4: Infectious Diseases #5

Moderators: Giichiro Ohno + Arild Vaktskjold

Zulz, T.,* Bruce, M., Garner, M., & Parks, D. International Circumpolar Surveillance of Invasive Non-typeable Haemophilus.

Bruce, M. G.,* Zulz, T., Garner, M., Bruden, D., Lovgren, M., Jette, L., Rudolph, K., Hurlburt, D., Wenger, J., Hennessy, T., & Parkinson, A. Comparison of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Rates in Alaska and Northern Canada Following PCV7 Introduction.

Butler, L. A.,* & Osborne, G. Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Potential Trends in Infection of Children in Nunavut, Canada.

Koch, A.,* Nielsen, L. P., Andersson, M., & Melbye, M. A Two-year Surveillance of Respiratory Virus in Sick and Healthy Children in Greenland.

Wenger, J. D.,* Zulz, T., Bruden, D., Bruce, M. G., Bulkow, L., Parks, D., Rudolph, K., Hurlburt, D., Singleton, R., Ritter, T., Klejka, J., & Hennessy, T. Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Alaskan Children: The Role of Water Supply and the Seven Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV7).

Kovesi, T. A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Heat Recovery Ventilators for the Prevention of Lower Respiratory Tract Illness in Inuit Children.

Venue 5: Food Security #5 – Food Security and Indigenous Wellness: Knowledge to Action part B

Moderators: Marilyn van Bibber, Norma Kassi, Jill Christensen + Sophia Wadowska

This workshop is a continuation of the discussions and action strategies identified in the morning workshop. Those planning to attend are invited to bring copies of any examples of strategies and/or resources from their jurisdictions that will help to move action forward. Please note this workshop will continue till 3:30 PM.

Venue 6: Service Delivery & Infrastructure #2 – Health Service Delivery

Moderators: Michael Jong + Mikhail Tomskiy

Anderson, D. Speech Language Pathology Telespeech Service Delivery Model for Remote Communities.

Horton, M. The Manitoba First Nations Patient Wait Time Guarantee Pilot Project.

Poole, N. Virtual Communities as Locations.

Aubé, G. Tracking Public Health From Orbit: CSA EO Support to Emergencies, Disasters, Diseases, & Environment.

Mason, W. Medical Imaging in Northern Canada: A Study by the Canadian Radiological Foundation.

Lys, J. Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada – Changing the Picture of Aboriginal Health.

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