Thursday, July 16, 8:30-10:00 AM

Venue 1: Mental Health & Wellness #7 – Attitudes and Experiences in Mental Health

Moderators: Madeleine Dion Stout + Robin Morales

Tagornak, D. National Strategy to Prevent Abuse in Inuit Communities.

Enuaraq, S. National Inuit Residential School Healing Strategy.

Green, B. Borderlands: A Narrative Inquiry into First Nations’ Women’s Experiences of Depression.

Møllersen, S. Effects of Client and Therapist Ethnicity and Ethnic Matching.

Gafarov, V.,* Gromova, I., Gafarova, A., Santrapinsky, D., & Kabanov, Y. Awareness of their Health & Health Attitudes in Males and Females Aged 25-64 Years During Social and Economic Crisis in Russia (MONICA-Psychosocial Program).

Dell, D. Resiliency and Inhalant Abuse Treatment.

Hache, A. Making the Path by Walking it: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Women and Children’s Healing and Recovery Program.

Venue 2: Sexual Health #2

Moderators: Candice Lys + Doreen Leavitt

Reeves, A. Evidence-based Strategies for Sexual Health Education: Are they Culturally Safe for Aboriginal Communities?

Daniels, A., Drybones, R., Lafferty, L., Moore, T., & Naedzo, J. Partnership and Process in Community-based Research in the North.

Brandson, E. K.,* Fernandes, K. A., Coulter, S., Thio, A., Sussman, F., Laviolette, C., Tyndall, M., Lima, V., Montaner, J., & Hogg, R. S. Connecting the DOTs: Social Disparities among People living with HIV on HAART.

Brandson, E. K.,* Palmer, A. K., Miller, C., Ding, E., Fernandes, K. A., Montaner, J., & Hogg, R. You’re Breaking my HAART: HIV and Violence among a Cohort of Women on Treatment in British Columbia, Canada.

Kumar, A. Reporting from ground zero: a survey of Nunavut health care professionals’ perceptions on Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Venue 3: Human Biology #2

Moderators: Tiina Mäkinen + Amy Morse

Polovodova, N.,* & Malzeva, T. Immune Homeostasis in Children of the Far North at Different Variants of Vegetative Maintenance of Activity.

Manchouk, V. T.,* Smirnova, O. V., Savchenko, A. A., Borisov, A. G., & Valeriy, S. The Blood Lymphocytes Metabolism in Strange Population of Evenkiay, Healthy, and with Immune Reactivity Disturbances.

Manchouk, V. T.,* Smirnova, O. V. The Disturbance of Immune System Function in Patients with Acute Leukemia in Siberia.

Pashina, N. A.,* Polovodova, N. S., & Buganov, A. A. Immune State Characteristics in Native (Scanty) Population of the Russian Far North (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug).

Mironova, G. Micro Elemental Status and Structure of Sickness Rate.

Ignatova, I. A.,* Smirnova, S. V., & Manchuk, V. T. Population and Sub-Population Content of Blood Lymphocyte and Cytokin Prophile Under Different Clinical Pathogenic Forms of Allery Rhinosinusopathy.

Bonefeld-Jørgensen, E.C., Krüger, T., Long, M., Hjelmborg, P., & Ghisari, M. The bioactivity of complex POP mixtures in human serum and the potential relation to health effects.

Venue 4: Database & Surveillance #2

Moderators: Alan Parkinson + Maria Santos

Sheikh, N.,* Sparks, D. M., & Egeland, G. M. IPY Health Survey Database Management System and META Data 2007-2008.

Clearsky, L., White, T., Svenson, L., & Samanani, S.* Health Surveillance for First Nations: Data Sources and Limitations.

Elias, B.,* Hall, M., Kasper, C., Doraty, A., Burchill, C., Martens, P., Kliewer, E., Demers, A., & Turner, D. Linking the Canadian Indian Registry System to the Manitoba Provincial Health Registry? Lessons Learned.

Tjepkema, M.,* Wilkins, R., Senécal, S., & Guimond, E. Mortality of Métis Canadian and Registered Indian Adults: An 11 Year Follow-up Study.

Venue 5: Newborn & Child Health #3 – Child Health Determinants

Moderators: Britta Olsen + Isaac Sobol

Chichakhov, D. Mortality after Admission in the Pediatric Emergency Department of Republic Sakha (Yakutia).

Betker, C.,* Greenwood, M., Beanlands, H., & MacLeod, A. Early Child Development as a Determinant of Health: Exploring the Contribution of Home Visiting.

Tokarev, S. A.,* & Buganov, A. A. The Main Problems of Children’s Health in the Russian Far North.

Niclasen, B. Proposing Indicators Regarding Child Health on the Focus Areas in the Greenlandic Public Health Program.

Cui, X.,* Lamba, J., Werk, C., Schreiner, K., Tough, S., & Reynolds, N. Understanding of Aboriginal Children in Alberta- An Analysis of Canadian Aboriginal Children’s Survey.

Galloway, T.,* Pacey, A., Johnson-Down, L., Young, T. K., Egeland, G. M., & Nunavut Inuit Health Survey Steering Committee. Correlates of Emerging Obesity among Preschool Aged Children: Nunavut Child Inuit Health Survey.

MacLeod, S.,* McCullough, N., & Peterson, R. Progress towards Optimal Pediatric Drug Therapy: A Northern Child/Youth Health Imperative.

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