Sunday, July 12, 4-5:30 PM

Venue 1: Mental Health & Wellness #2 – Holistic & Healing Community Programs

Moderators: Gail Turner + Vigdis Stordahl

Kral, M. J., Wiebe, P. K.,* Nisbet, K., Dallas, C., Okalik, L., & Enuaraq, N. Canadian Inuit Community Engagement in Suicide Prevention.

Korolenko, T. Postpsychiatry in the Regions of Russian North.

Palmer, A. K., Tzemis, A., Zhang, W., Brandson, E. K.,* Montaner, J. S., & Hogg, R. S. “The Way I See It”: How Stigma and Depression affect Self-Perceived Body Image among HIV-positive Individuals on HAART.

Vrakas, G.,* Fournier, L., & Moller, S. Mental Health Promotion and Prevention in 12-18 Year Old Inuit Youth in Nunavik.

Venue 2: Clinical Care #1

Moderators: Ewan Affleck + Karin Ladefoged

Robitaille, A.,* Kelly, M. L., & Young, B. Transition to End of Life Care: The Inuit Experience in Montreal.

Jackson, R. My 11 Years Treating Skin Diseases on Baffin Island, NU, Canada. What I Saw, What I Did.

Wuerz, T.,* & Dow, G. The Quality and Cost of Wound Dressing Procedures Before and After Institution of a Standardized Sterile No Touch Protocol.

Hassler, S.,* & Sj’lander, P. In-Patient Care Utilization among Sami in Sweden.

Kamper, V.,* Andersson, M., Kristensen, B., & Koch, A. Frequency of Atopy in the Arctic still Increasing.

Jamieson, J. A.,* Kuhnlein, H. V., Nunavut Steering Committee, & Egeland, G. M. The Paradox of Anemia with High Meat Intake: Is there Multifactorial Etiology of Anemia among the Inuit?

Venue 3: Social Determinants of Health #1 – Men’s Health

Moderators: Mark Buell + Sven Ebbesson

Gafarov, V., Gromova, E., Gagulin, I., Gafarova, A., Santrapinsky, D., & Kabanov, Y. Dynamic Attitude to Health Problems in the Male Population during Social and Economic Crisis in Russia (WHO-MONICA-Psychosocial Program).

Thunem, G. Men’s Attitude to Own Health Under the Microscope.

Southcott, C. The Social Economy and Health in Northern Canada.

Beanlands, H.,* Betker, C., & MacLeod, A. Using Knowledge Synthesis, Translation, and Exchange to put the Determinants of Health into Action in Northern Communities.

Kinnon, D. Inuit Men Talk about Health.

Venue 4: Population Genetics Part 2

Continuation of Session 1: Venue 4

Venue 5: Community Participatory Research Methods #2

Moderators: Gert Mulvad + Sylvia Abonyi

Myers, E. Climate Change and Health Adaptation in Northern First Nation and Inuit Communities Program.

Kurszewski, D., Chatwood, S., & Illisiak, V. Youth Driven Participatory Research in Aklavik, NWT.

Charette, D. P., Donaldson, S. G.,* Doubleday, N. C., Nancarrow, T., Da Silva, C. N., Leech, T., Manning, A., Grimwood, B., Ip, M., Elee, P., Pootoogook, G., & Van Oostdam, J. Community-based Approach to Health Research in the Arctic: A Case Study from Nunavut, Canada.

Freeland-Ballantyne, E. Watching our Youth Listen to our Elders: Building Youth Capacity to Investigate Health Impacts of Climate Change and Oil and Gas Development in the NWT.

Venue 6: Food Security #1 – Politics of Food

Moderators: Jill Christensen + Elsie DeRoose

Chan, L.H.M., Van Pelt, L., Egeland, G., & Steering Committees of Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunatsiavut, and Nunavut. Assessment of Contaminant and Dietary Nutrient Interactions in the Inuit Health Survey.

Roebuck, B.D. & Virginia, E.J. Mercury in Fish as a Result of the James Bay Hydroelectric Development: Perceptions and Realities.

Friendship, K. & Furgal, C. Contaminants, Health, and Effective Risk Assessment & Communication in the Circumpolar North.

Nahwegahbow, A., Cheechoo, J., & Guyot, M.* Food Security Reference Group: Building the Evidence to Support Decision-Making at Policy and Community Planning Levels and Improve Food Security for First Nations and Inuit.

Dean, L., Furgal, C. Communication Pathways: How Young Inuit Women in Nunatsiavut get Information on Nutrition, Health, and Environmental Contaminants.

Larter, N. C., & Kandola, K.* Levels of Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, and Zinc in Various Tissues of Moose Harvested in the Dehcho, Northwest Territories.

Mead, E., Gittelsohn, J., Roache, C., Reid, R., & Sharma, S. The influence of psychosocial factors on food related behaviours among Inuit communities in Nunavut: results from healthy Foods North.

Venue 7/Viewing Room: Video Session #1

Moderator: Catherine Carry

Carry, C. Makkuktuvanga, Upimmavunga- I am Young and I am Proud: A Screening of a Live-to-tape 2 Hour Call-in Program about Inuit Youth, Coping Skills, and Endurance.

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