Monday, July 13, 8:30-10:00 AM

Venue 1: Cancer #1

Moderators: Janet Kelly + + Y. Anita Li

Nicholas-Figueroa, L.,* Duffy, L., Chen, Z., & Van Waes, C. The Role of Interleukin-1 and Interleukin Receptor Antagonist in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Studies: Initial Studies.

Jensen, R. G.,* Friborg, J., Rosburg, J., Specht, L., Brofeldt, S., Therkildsen, M. H., & Homøe, P. Survival of Head and Neck Cancer in Greenland.

DeCourtney, C.,* Mitchell, K., & Simeon, D. Developing a Traditional Food Guide for Alaska Native Cancer Patients.

Ritchie, A. The Prevalence of Prognostic and Treatment Features for Breast Cancer Survival: Are they Different for First Nations Women Compared to other Women in Ontario, Canada.

Venue 2: Indigenous Research #2

Moderators: Gail Baikie + Chris Fletcher

Knotsch, C.,* & Nickels, S. The National Inuit Committee on Ethics and Research (NICER).

Graham, C. Towards Developing Principles of Ethical Research in Métis Communities.

Mala, T. A.,* & Mau, M. K. When Science Outpaces Native Political Will.

Healey, G. K.,* Butler-Walker, J., & Chatwood, S. Exploring Processes in Health Research Ethics in Canada’s North.

Reeves, A. In Pursuit of an ‘Indigenous’ Education: Student Reflections in Aboriginal Health Research in Canada.

Venue 3: Indigenous Health & Wellness #2

Moderators: Denise Kurszewski + Raymond Obomsawin

Butler Walker, J.,* Kassi, N.,* & Duncan, L.* Building Community Capacity – Yukon First Nations’ Health Promotion Planning Schools.

Daniels, A., Drybones, R., Lafferty, L., Moore, T., Naedzo, J., Edwards, K., & Mitchell, S. Tlicho Community-based Research and Evidence-based Interventions for STI Prevention.

Edgecombe, N. Health Care Decision-Making in an Inuit Community.

Grey, M. The Development of a Health Action Plan for Circumpolar Inuit.

Todd, Z. Working on the Land, Working off the Land.

Venue 4: Infectious Diseases #1 – HPV

Moderators: Andrew Kotaska & Birgitta Evengård

Li, Y.A., Brassard, P., Wong, T., Severini, A., Corriveau, A., Chatwood, S., Johnson, G., Sobol, I., Hanley, B., & Mao, Y. The Prevalence of Human Papillomavirus and Its Impact on Cervical Dysplasia in Northern Canada.

Hennessy, T.,* & Murphy, N. Evaluating the Introduction and Impact of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine among Alaska Native Women.

Wurtak, G.,* & Elias, B. Improving HPV Prevention Among Aboriginal Peoples.

Bennett, R.,* Coutle, E., Roger, M., Franco, E. L., & Brassard, P. Incidence of Type-Specific HPV in a Population of Inuit Women in Nunavik, Quebec.

Sobol, I., Totten, S., Severini, A., Goleski, V., Johnson, G., Jayaraman, G., Wong, T.,* & Mao, Y. HPV Surveillance: Correlation of Type-Specific Oncogenic HPV with Cervical Cancer Screening Findings in Nunavut, Canada.

Kotaska, A., Guthrie, B., Krushel, R., Baker, S., Ramsay, A. Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines for Northern Remote Communities.

Venue 5: Food Security #2 – Politics of Food

Moderators: Jill Christensen + Jennifer Johnson

Kassi, N. A Community Based Initiative Towards a Sustainable Food Security Strategy for the Community of Old Crow, Yukon.

Cheechoo, J. What does ‘Food Security’ mean to Inuit: Input into an Inuit Strategy for Inuit of Nunaat.

Martin, D. From Survival to Necessity: Food Stories from Three Generations of Labrador Inuit-Métis.

Wesche, S.,* Chan, L. H. M., Williams, M., & Dickson, C. Oral History Contributions to Understanding Food Security Trends and Adaptations: Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, Yukon, Canada.

Hatjó, S. Promoting Healthier Food Options in Conjunction with Health Foods North: A Retail Perspective.

Caines, J. Building Cultural Pride with Traditional Foods (Video).

Venue 6: Health Promotion & Social Marketing

Moderators: Looee Okalik + Jessica Leston

Wideman, M.,* & Stewart, E. Don’t be a Butthead Campaign- 5 Years Experience with a Social Marketing Campaign targeted to Youth Tobacco Reduction.

Zizman, P. Cloth Diaper Pilot.

Schroth, R.,* Harms, L., Edwards, J., & Moffatt, M. E. Healthy Smile Happy Child: Research and Evaluation of a Capacity Building Oral Health Promotion Initiative.

Jardine, C.,* Erasmus, E., Wideman, M., Beaulieau, L., Brockman, A., Abel, A., & Wild, C. Youth and Tobacco: Working with the K’álemi Dene School.

Duke, S. North STARSS (Start Thinking About Reducing Secondhand Smoke).

Venue 7: Clinical Care #2

Moderators: Ewan Affleck + Alexander Kumar

Kehler, C. Physiotherapy in Nunavut: Observations and Challenges for Practice.

Blake, R. A. Death & Dying: Perspectives of a First Nations Community in the Northwest Territories.

Day, L.,* & Vlahos, P. Aboriginal Patient Navigators: Facilitating Access to Mainstream Health Services for Aboriginal People.

Jaud, J. Partnerships in Health Care Infrastructure Development in Nunavut.

Hoechmann, A. Farrell, B. Outcomes for Telephone Consultations in a Northern Canadian Emergency Department.

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