Monday, July 13, 1:30-3:30 PM

Venue 1: Mental Health Workshop * Changed to Session 10: Venue 3

Presenter: Suzanne Stewart

Stewart, S. Indigenous Pedagogy in Mental Health: Healing Teachings for Mental Health Workers, Valuable Knowledge for Clients.

Venue 2: Education & Building Resource/Research Capacity #1

Moderators: Bruce Martin + M. Voevoda

Porter-Chapman, A. Distribution of Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists in Northern Canada.

Hache, A. Community-based Health Care in Action.

Heatha, G. K. Heading a Sami Health Institution: Experience and Challenges.

Jong, M. Land Based Experiential Indigenous Culture and Health Training.

Chatwood, S., Law, S., Young, K., Affleck, E., Cortinois, A., & Kirby, C. Improving Access and Outcomes in Canada’s Northern Territories.

Lynge, L. Documentation Centre on Children and Youth in Greenland.

Venue 3: Indigenous Wellness & Medical History #3

Moderators: Vasiliki Douglas + Carl Hild

Cook, C., Ballard, D., Roussin, A.A., & Gray, K. Historical and social effects of legislation and policy in Aboriginal Health.

Piper, L. A Social and Environmental History of Health Care Relocations in the Canadian North since 1890.

Olofsson, E.,* Holton, T., & Partridge, I. “Are you now a Qallunaq?” Inuit Tuberculosis Evacuees in the 1940s-1950s.

Obomsawin, R. Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Health of Canada’s First Peoples.

Woods, A. The Health of First Nations Children upon Admission to a Residential School in a Northern Manitoba Community.

Edge, L. My Grandmother’s Moccasins.

Smith, S. Caregiving in Confinement: Japanese Immigrant Midwives During World War II.

Venue 4: Infectious Diseases #2 – Tuberculosis

Moderators: Anders Koch + Shalini Desai

Lopez, C.,* & Orr, P. Harmony, Balance, and Resilience: Enhancing Adherence to TB Treatment in Canadian Aboriginal Populations.

Larcombe, L.,* Orr, P., Martin, B.,* & Nicherson, P. Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms in a Canadian First Nations Population with TB.

Affleck, E. Review of Management of the 2007 Yellowknife TB Outbreak.

Nielson, N.,* Skifte, T., Koch, A., Andersson, M., & Ladefoged, K. TB and Vitamin D in Greenland.

Søborg, B.,* Koch, A., Melbye, M., Thomsen, V.Ø., Ladefoged, K., Andersson, M., & Andersen, A.B. M.Tuberculosis Infection among Inuit Children in Greenland.

Maud, V. Manitoba’s Aboriginal People and TB: How social conditions and behaviours contribute to the elevated rates.

Venue 5: Food Security #3 – Factors affecting Food Security

Moderator: Laurel Kreuger + Charlotte Jeppesen

Mead, E.,* Kratzmann, M., Roache, C., Reid, R. Ogina, J., Gittelsohn, J., Sharma, S. Factors Influencing Diet and the Food Environment in Two Inuit Communities in Nunavut: Qualitative Formative Research Results from Healthy Foods North.

Chan, L. H. M., Tobin, P.,* & Dickson, C. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Implications for Diet and Health in Two First Nation Communities in the Yukon, Canada.

Ford, J. D.,* Beaumier, M. Climate Change and Food Security among Females in an Inuit Community.

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. Inuit Women and Climate Change.

Egeland, G., Pacey, A., Huet, C., Zhirong, C. Prevalence and Determinants of Food Security Among Inuit Households with Preschool Aged Children.

Donaldson, S. G.,* Doubleday, N. C., Kushwaha, A., Ip, M., Vlasova, T., Pearce, R., Manning, A., Adlard, B., Charette, D., Grimwood, B., & Van Oostdam, J. Health Beliefs and Dietary Composition among Inuit living in Nunavut, Canada.

Trofimov, A. The Impact of Heliophysical Factors on Man Lifespan in the Circumpolar regions. Perspectives of Usage of the Helio-geroprotectors.

Venue 6: Chronic Diseases #1

Moderators: Scott Robertson + Yuri Nikitin

Golderova, A. S.,* Efremova, C. D., Lexeeva, E. A., & Romanova, A. N. Inflammatory Markers for Patients Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) in the Conditions of Yakutia.

Lukicheva, E. V.,* Tsukanov, V. V., Nozdrachev, K. G., Tonkih, Y. L., Kupershtein, E. Y., Bronnikova, E. P., & Dogadin, S. A. Association of the Contents of Basal Insulin with Lipide Metabolism and Prevalence of Cholelithiasis and Ischemic Heart Disease in Population of Eastern Siberia.

Gafarov, V.,* Gromova, E., Gagulin, I., Kabanov, Y., & Gafarova, A. Vital Exhaustion and Myocardion Infarction (Epidemiological Research on Basis of Program who Monica-Psychological).

Nielson, A. B. S.,* Larsen, N. K., & Bjerregaard, P. Do the Obese Greenlanders consider themselves Obese? Body Size Perception and Obesity in Relation to Demographic Factors.

Romanova, T. A.,* Petrova, I. R., Antipina, V. V., & Tarabukina, L. V. Study of Left Ventricular Structurally-Functional Condition in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Accompanying Arterial Hypertension.

Tsukanov, V. V.,* Kupershtein, E. Y., Tonkikh, Y. L., Lukicheva, E. V., & Bronnikova, E. P. Spectrum of Fatty Acids in Blood Serum and Prevalence of Cholelithiasis in Mongoloids and Europoids of Siberia.

Kriroschekov, S. G.,* & Pinigina, I. A. Adaptation of Cardiovascular System at High Physical Activity.

Roos, B. Community Diabetes Workers Come to Life.

Wortman, J. Traditional Diet for Obesity and Diabetes in a First Nations Community.

Venue 7: Injury Prevention

Moderators: J. Hair + Jody Butler Walker

Giles, A.,* Baker, A., Rousell, D., & Stadig, G. Drowning Prevention in the NWT & Nunavut: Results from a Three Year Study.

Hegeman, A. C.,* Kruger, J., Manual, M., Edwards, G., & Jonasson, J. Safe Travel Plan: Developing an Environmental-Injury Prevention Tool.

Butler Walker, J., Pike, I. First Nations and Inuit Children and Youth Injury Indicators Project.

Sikora, C.,* Gregson, C., Neily, T., Tchouaffi, P., & Osborne, G. A Survey of Injuries Presenting to Hospital and a Community Health Centre in Nunavut, Canada.

Anderson, P. Worker Fatalities in the Alaska Tourism Industry: 1990-2008.

Canadian Red Cross (Presenter TBA). The Canadian Red Cross Experience in Injury Prevention.

Butler Walker, J. A.,* & Hanley, B. Community-based Participatory Research Approach to Unintentional Injury Prevention in the Yukon.

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