Monday, July 13, 4:00-5:30 PM

Venue 1: Mental Health & Wellness #3 – Trauma at the Front Line

Moderators: Wanda Gabriel + Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox

Kronstal, A. Mental Health and Addictions in the Northwest Territories: Perspectives from the Frontline Service Providers.

De Luce, J. Beyond Vicarious Trauma – Helping Ourselves as we Help Others.

O’Neill, L. Secondary Trauma and Northern Helping Practitioners.

Hansen, K. L.,* Melhus, M., Hogmo, A., & Lund, E. Ethnic Discrimination and Bullying in the Sami and Non-Sami Populations in Norway: The SAMINOR Study.

Whitbeck, L. Measuring the Health Effects of Historical and Contemporary Cultural Losses.

Venue 2: Sexual Health #1

Moderators: Rhonda Johnson + Helle Moeller

Rydbacken, M., & Ladefoged, K.* Life Quality in HIV-Infected Greenlanders.

Leston, J. An Adolescent Focus Group Project on Sexually Transmitted Disease, HIV/AIDS, and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Lys, C. Listening to the Youth: Understanding the Barriers and Facilitators to Positive, Empowered, and Safer Sexual Health among Female Youth in the NWT.

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. HIV/AIDS and the Lifesavers Campaign: Prevention and Education across Inuit Nunaat.

Colbourne, K., & Gushue, L. Pan-Territorial Partnership: Social Tools in Sexual Health Promotion.

Gesink-Law, D.,* Rink, E., Montgomery-Andersen, R., Montgomery-Andersen, S., Poppel, U., Binzer, A., Koch, A., Skov-Jensen, S., & Mulvad, G. Social and Cultural Factors Influencing Sexual Health in Greenland.

Soon, J.,* Shoveller, J., Reade, J., Kelm, M.E., Hanlon, N., & Johnson, J. The Importance of Community Involvement in Identifying Barriers to Contraceptive Use among Adolescents in Rural and Remote Settings.

Venue 3: Genetics

Moderators: Rob Hegele + Barbara Howard

El-Gabalawy, H. Association between Periodontitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Cree and Ojibway Populations: A Study of Gene-Environment Effects.

Huisman, L. A.,* Arbour, L., McCormick, R. Exploring the Impact of Long QT Syndrome in a British Columbia First Nations Community.

Bult-Ito, A. Genetic Variability in Circadian Rhythms in an Arctic Mammal that may have Health Implications for People living in Circumpolar Regions.

Comuzzie, A.,* Voruganti, V. S., Cole, S. A., Ebbesson, S. O. E., Tejero, M. E., Garing, H. H., Laston, S., Haack, K., Devereux, R. B., Fabsitz, R. R., MacCluer, J. W., & Howard, B. V. Genetic Regulation of Circulating Fatty Acids in Alaskan Eskimos.

Skinkaruk, E. V.,* & Golubeva, N. V. Interethnic Differences in Frequency of Alleles and Genotypes of Polymorphic Markers of Cardiovascular Diseases in Yamalo-nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia).

Homøe, P.,* Tranebjærg, L., Rendtorff, N.D., Lodahl, M., Andersen, T., Andersen, S., Eiberg, H., Nielsen, I., & Koch, A. Polymorphisms and mutations in GJB2 associated with hereditary hearing loss in East Greenlanders.

Mikhail, V.,* Voevoda, M. I., Shakhtshneider, E. V., Barbarash, O. L., Ogarkov, M. J., Kulikov, I. V., Baum, V. A., Yudin, N. S., Kobsez, V. F., & Romashchenko, A. G. Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism in Native Population of Mountain Shoria (West Siberia) and its Association with Serum Glucose Levels.

Venue 4: Infectious Diseases #3 – Tuberculosis

Moderators: Anders Koch + Shalini Desai

Rendal, T.,* Ladefoged, K., & Kleist, I. Prevalence of Latent TB Infection (LTBI) among School Children in Greenland.

Skifte, T. B. TB among Children and Youth in the Arctic from Greenland Point of View.

Case, C. Assessing the Epidemiological Methods used in a Tuberculosis Outbreak in Northwest Territories, Canada.

Lopez, C.,* Abonyi, S., McMullin, K., Boffa, J., Mayan, M., Long, R., & Orr, P. The Determinants of Tuberculosis Transmission in the Canadian-born Population of the Prairie Provinces: The Qualitative Findings in Manitoba.

Rimma, P. TB in indigenous people of Murmansk region, Russia.

MacKinnon, J.,* Leslie, H., & Trotter, N. Riding the Waves of Recent TB & Syphilis Outbreaks in Yellowknife, NT- Planning, Partnerships, & Persistence.

Venue 5: Climate Change #2 – Health Impacts

Moderators: Muna ar-Rushdi + Chris Furgal

Kosatsky, T. Is Heat a Mortality Risk in the Canadian Arctic? Will it Be?

Revich, B. Climate Change Impact on Public Health in the Russian Arctic- First Assessment.

Chashchin, V. Climate Change Impact on Human Exposure to Persistent Contaminants in Arctic Russia.

Vyacheslav, S. Climate Change Challenges to Arctic Health (An Example of the Northern Peoples of Yakutia).

Revich, B. Seasonal Variations of Mortality from Climate-Related Causes in Arctic Cities.

Young, K. & Mäkinen, T. The Health of Arctic Populations: Does Cold Matter?

Venue 6: Pathways to Knowledge, Pathways to Health Workshop

Presenters: M. Buell + Roger Thomas + Besha Blondin

Organised by: National Aboriginal Health Organization and the Canadian Cochrane Centre.

Venue 7/Viewing Room: Video #2

Moderator: Catherine Carry

Carry, C. Nutaraqtaarniq Nunalingnirmiunut Alianaippuq- Birth a Joyous Community Event: A Screening of a Live-to-tape 2-hour Call-in Program about Inuit Maternity Care.

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