Tuesday, July 14, 1:30-3:30 PM

Venue 1: Housing & Infrastructure

Moderators: Lev Panin + Leanne Towgood

Larcombe, L. Housing Conditions and Tuberculosis: Exploring the Relationship between Disease and Environment in Northern First Nations Communities.

Hache, A. You Just Blink and it Can Happen: Women’s Homelessness North of 60.

Christensen, J. Everyone wants to have a Place?: Understanding Homelessness as Housing Insecurity in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Hayward, P.,* Martin, B., Hazelton, P., Rubinstein, E., & Orr, P. Acute Infectious Diarrheal Illness in a First Nations Community in Northern Manitoba, Canada: Epidemiology and the Impact of Water, Sanitation, and Housing.

Eichelberger, L. Alaska’s Great Thirst: Water, Energy, and Health in I’upiaq Communities of the Northwest Arctic Borough.

Knotsch, C. The Role of Housing as a Determinant of Health for Inuit in Canada.

Tester, F.,* McNicoll, P., & Lauster, N. Lessons for Here and Now. Puvallutuq: The Eskimo Point TB Epidemic of 1963 and the Contemporary Housing Crisis in Inuit Communities.

Verhille, S.,* Marsden, T., & Shum, M. Indoor Air Quality Issues in First Nations and Inuit Communities in Canada.

Venue 2: Women’s Health & Well-Being #2

Moderators: Elizabeth Rink + Deborah Tagornak

Schwarzburg, L. Special Delivery: Transporting Iñupiat Mothers and Babies in Northwest Alaska.

Agnew, N. C. Are Increasing Numbers of Cesarean Sections placing a Burden on Canada’s Health Care System?

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. Inuit Midwifery and Maternal Child Health.

Dyck, M. Métis Concepts of Healthy Pregnancy: A Look at Effective Health Promotion, Cultural Safety, and Concepts of Well-being.

Moffitt, P. “Keeping Myself Well”: The Relationships of Perinatal Health Benefits and Health Promotion Practices of Tlicho Women.

Becker, G.,* & Paulette, L.* Introduction of Midwifery Services and Client Satisfaction.

Douglas, V. Historical Narratives and Human Kinds: The Evolution of Inuit Childbirth into the 21st Century.

Venue 3: Indigenous Health & Wellness #4

Moderators Cindy Dickson + Snefrid Moellersen

Orr, P. Bill C-51: Proposed Federal Regulation of Traditional Medicine.

Smith, J. E.,* Bauhaus, S., & Lennie, C. Enhancing Existing Community Health Capacity and Infrastructure by Focusing on the Integration of Inuvialuit, Gwich’in, and Western Medicine Approaches to Palliative Care.

Wedzin, N., Mackenzie, M. A., & Gibson, G.* Indigenizing Child Welfare Models: Methods and Outcomes.

Buell, M.,* & Tremblay, P. C. Getting it Right: Using Population Specific, Community-based Research to Advance the Health and Well-being of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis in Canada.

Robbins, J.,* Porter, M., Obomsawin, R., Nowgesic, E., & Sock, E. Gegenoatatolting (Sharing the Knowledge): A Traditional First Nations Gathering to Support Health and Healing in Canada.

Venue 4: Infectious Diseases #5 – H. Pylori, Superbugs, etc.

Moderators: Michael Bruce + Cheryl Case

Bruce, M.,* Desai, S., Zulz, T., Garner, M., Boyd Hummel, K., Hurlburt, D., Bruden, D., Rudolph, K., DeByle, C., Tsang, R., & International Circumpolar Surveillance Working Group. Epidemiology of Haemophilus Influenzae Serotype A from 2000-2007, an Emerging Pathogen in Northern Canada and Alaska.

Gesink-Law, D.,* Mulvad, G., Montgomery-Andersen, R., Montgomery-Andersen, S., Poppel, U., Binzer, A., Stenz, F., Rink, E., Koch, A., & Jensen, J. S. Mycoplasma Genitalium in Greenland: Prevalence, Macrolide Resistance, Ethical Considerations, and Policy Implications.

Himsworth, C. G., Jenkins, E.,* Thompson, R. C. A., Nsungu, M., & Skinner, S. Monitoring and Mitigating Parasitic Risks to Human Health in an Indigenous Community from Northern Saskatchewan.

White, W. Superbugs in the NWT.

Stuart, T. L.,* Lindegger, M., Nibgoarsi, D., Anoee, O., Angalik, L., Shah, L., Spika, J., Sobol, I., Palacios, C., Mulvey, M. R., Gravel, D., Ofner, M., & Panaro, L. CA-MRSA Outbreak in Nunavut, Canada: Knowledge of Social Networks is Key to Targeting Control Measures.

Rubinstein, E. CA-MRSA in a Northern Community Description of Outbreak and Possible Control.

Ar-Rushdi, M.,* Keefe, S., & Dyson, H. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus: A Community-Associated Concern in Labrador.

Venue 5: Education and Building Resource/Research Capacity #3

Moderators: Kue Young + Sergey Krivoschekov

Linton, J. Providing Library Services to Contribute to Capacity Building and Knowledge Translation in the Canadian North.

Beanlands, H., Benoit, F., Fast, M., Ciliska, D., Copes, R., and Greenwood, M. KSTE and the North: How Knowledge Synthesis, Translation, and Exchange of Evidence can Inform Circumpolar Health.

Goodwin, R. The Circumpolar Health Bibliographic Database.

Rolin, S. A.,* Smith, S., Parkinson, A. J. The Arctic Human Health Initiative: The Online Resource at www.arctichealth.org.

Priestly, D. Bringing Evidence to the North: CADTH’s Liaison Officers Assist with Informed Decision Making.

Fletcher, C.,* Alton, C., & Jean, C. Y. A Content Analysis of Websites Featuring Inuit Health Information.

DeCourtney, C.,* Morgan, K., Muller, J., & Kelley, S. An International Palliative Care Symposium: Using Video Teleconferencing and Virtual Technology to Meet the Needs of Rural Health Care Providers.

Christensen, J., Harrison, L. & Tumchewics, A. Collaborative Practice: Walking the Talk.

Venue 6: Chronic Diseases #2

Moderators: Peter Bjerregaard + Brendan Hanley

Howard, B. V.,* Comuzzie, A., Devereux, R. B., Ebbesson, S. O. E., Fabsitz, R. R., Howard, W. J., Laston, S., MacCluer, J. W., Silverman, A., Wang, H., Weissman, N. J., & Wenger, C. R. CVD and its Relation to Risk Factors in Alaska Eskimos: the GOCADAN Study.

Ebbesson, S.,* Devereux, R. B., Lopez-Alvarenga, J. C., Okin, P. M., Tejero, M. E., Harris, W. S., Ebbesson, L. O. E., MacCluer, J. W., Wenger, C., Laston, S., Fabsitz, R. R., Howard, W. J., Howard, B. V., & Comuzzie, A. G. Heart Rate is Associated with Red Blood Cell Fatty Acid Concentration: The GOCADAN Study.

Masulli, M., Patti. L., Riccardi, G., Vaccaro, O., Annuzzi, G., Ebbesson, S. O. E., Fabsitz, R. R., Howard, W. J., Otvos, J. D., Roman, M. J., Wang, H., Weissman, N. J., Howard, B. V.,* & Rivellese, A. A. Relationships among Lipoprotein Subfractions and Carotid Atherosclerosis: The GOCADAN Study.

Romanyuk, M. A. Cardiovascular Diseases in Native Population of Yamal Peninsula (Russia).

Iakovleva, A. S.,* & Mirolyubova, O. A. Different Types of Coronary Lesions and their Impact on Course and Outcomes of Early Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Russian North.

Nikitin, Y. Cardiovascular Diseases and their Risk Factors in the Asian Part of Russia.

Grishin, O. New Method of Respiratory Biofeedback.

Moshkova, E. V. Epidemiology of Coronary Heart Disease in a Population of the Circumpolar Region (Russia).

Venue 7: Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems for Health: Three Canadian Inuit and First Nations Projects

Moderator: Harriet Kuhnlein

This workshop will include presentations and discussions on an international program based with the Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Environment (CINE) that addresses the importance of Indigenous Peoples’ food systems globally. We will feature three case studies of projects conducted in Canada.

Kuhnlein, H. Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems and Nutrition for Better Health: Introduction and Video.

Erasmus, B. Food System of the Gwich’in in Tetlet Zheh, Northwest Territories.

Nelson, C. Traditional Foods and Health in the Nuxalk Nation.

Okalik, L. Inuit Food and Health in Panniqtuuq, Nunavut.

Erasmus, B., Kuhnlein, H. Discussion and Onward.

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