Tuesday, July 14, 4:00-5:30 PM

Venue 1: Mental Health & Wellness #5 – Children & Youth

Moderators: Anne Silviken + Crystal Lennie

Spein, A. R.,* Melhus, M., & Kristiansen, R. The Influence of Religious Factors on Drinking Behaviour among Young Indigenous Sami and Non-Sami Peers in Northern Norway.

Spein, A.R.,* Melhus, M., & Grøtvedt, L. Snuff Use and Cigarette Smoking among Indigenous Sami and Non-Sami 10th Graders in Northern Norway 2003-2005.

Kelly, M., Link, R.,* & Reading, J. Challenging the Stereotype: A Portrait of Healthy Indigenous Youth Participants at the Cowichan (British Columbia, Canada) 2008 North American Indigenous Games.

Mulvad, G. Family Health and Well-being: Research, Responsibility, Reaction.

Rawana, E.* & Brownlee, K. The Application of Strength Based Assessments and Interventions with Children and Adolescents Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties.

Thorsen, K. & Bergenholtz, G. Three Children on One Bike? An Anthropological Study with on what Children are Capable of and what Children want.

Venue 2: Occupational Health

Moderator: Juhani Hassi + David King

Cobra, G. Psychodynamic Analysis of Antarctic Intergroups Relations.

Lochhead, L. & Macmillan, P. Rasch Analysis of the Oswestry Disability Index.

Mäkinen, T.M., Jokelainen, J., Näyhä, S., Laatikainen, T., Jousilahti, P., & Hassi, J. Occurrence and Risk Factors of Frostbites at the Population Level with a Special Emphasis on Working Life.

Potolitsyna, N., Eseva, N., & Bojko, E.* Nutrition, Vitamins, Serum Lipids, and Cardiovascular Diseases Risk in Drivers worked in Gas Industry on the North of Russia.

Degteva, G. Psychophysiological Aspects of Adaptation of Oil Shift Workers.

Brown, G. & Lee, M. Human Health Risk Assessment and Beyond – the Community Health Approach.

Venue 3: Newborn & Child Health #1 – Birth Defects

Moderators: Geraldine Osborne + Eik Anda

Vaktskjold, A.,* & Petrova, J. G. The Incidence of Severe Congenital Defects in Norway and Northwest Russia.

Sy, C.,* Cowan, J., Sobol, I., Osborne, G., & Arbour, L. Chart Review Analysis of Maternal Factors and Major Malformations on Baffin Island 2000-2005.

Orlaw, C.,* Rouleau, J., Hanley, B., Corriveau, A., Sobol, I., & Arbour, L. Congenital Anomalies in Canada’s Northern Territories.

Peters, S.,* Cowan, J., Osborne, G., Sobol, I., & Arbour, L. Rates of Hospitalization for Lung Infection of Inuit Infants from the Baffin Region and Association with Heart Defects 2000-2005.

Arbour, L.,* Melnikov, V., Olsen, B., Osborne, G., & Vaktskjold, A. The State of Birth Defects and Birth Outcome Surveillance in the Circumpolar Regions of the World in 2008.

Venue 4: Education and Building Resource/Research Capacity #4

Moderators: Michael Jong + Roza Fedina

Beanlands, H., Benoit, F., Fast, M., Ciliska, D., Copes, R., & Greenwood, M. The Safety of Small Drinking Water Systems in Canada: Discussing the Northern Perspective.

Hall, M.,* Elias, B., Martens, P., & Mignone, J. Building Indigenous Capacity to Meet Health Needs and Combat Health Disparities: A Manitoba (Canada) Experience.

Mayoh, M.,* Masching, R., & Lyta, P. Increasing HIV/AIDS Community-based Research Capacity in Northern Aboriginal Communities in Canada.

Jones, J. Yukon First Nation.

Gordon, J.,* & Tarrant, F.* Anishinabe Health Plan.

Chatwood, S. Sustaining Health Research Activities in Canada’s Northern Territories

Martin, J.D. The Tripartite First Nations Health Plan- A Fundamental Change in Governance of Health Services for the First Nations of British Columbia, Canada.

Venue 5: Community Participatory Methods #1 (workshop)

90 min.

Hammond, M.,* Collins, R., Gordon, J., Ogina, J., Kimiksana, A., Greenland, T., Dedam-Montour, D., Kuptana, L., Moses, A., Beauvais, N., & Carry, C. Community-based Participatory Research? CBPR 101 for the Arctic: Overview of the History, Distinctive Features, Advantages, and Practical Tips Concerning this Emerging Approach in Health Research.

Venue 6: Chronic Diseases #3

Moderators: Cynthia Schraer + Grace Egeland

Peters, P. What Age Groups and Which Cause of Death Contribute most to the Lower Life Expectancy of the Inuit-inhabited Areas of Canada?

Ramesh, M.,* Schraer, C., Mayer, A. M., Koller, K., & Asay, E. Diabetes Among Alaska Native People – A 21 Year Overview.* (Tentative)

Jeppesen, C.,* Ferland, A., Counil, E., Dewailly, E., & Bjerregaard, P. The Effect of Traditional Foods on Insulin Resistance among Inuit in Greenland and Nunavik.

Eskes, J. Do-It-Yourself Diabetes Prevention Activities: An Interactive Manual for Community-based Diabetes Education.

Ebbesson, S.,* Tejero, M. E., Lopez-Alvarenga, J. C., Harris, W. S., Ebbesson, L. O. E., Devereux, R. B., MacCluer, J. W., Wenger, C., Laston, S., Fabsitz, R. R., Howard, W. J., Howard, B. V., & Comuzzie, A. G. Individual Saturated Fatty Acids are Associated with Different Components of Insulin Resistance and Glucose Metabolism: The GOCADAN Study.

Pedersen, M. & Fleischer, I.* Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Greenland: The Impact of Electronic Database Implementation on the Quality of Diabetes Care.

Reaburn, S.,* Biggs, S., Erber, E., Beck, L., DeRoose, E., Gittelsohn, J., & Sharma, S. A Description of Physical Activity and Body Mass Index in three Inuvialuit Communities: Results from Healthy Foods North.

Gittelsohn, J., Beck, L., Biggs, S., Reaburn, S., & Sharma, S. Implementation of a program to prevent chronic disease risk among the Inuvialuit: process evaluation findings from Healthy Foods North.

Biggs, S.,* Reaburn, S., Beck, L., De Roose, E., Gittelsohn, J., & Sharma, S. Consumption of high fat, high sugar foods by Inuvialuit adults: Results from Healthy Foods North.

Venue 7/Viewing Room: Video #3

Moderator: Catherine Carry

Carry, C. “Angutiilli Qanuiliqpat… How are we as men?” A Screening of a Live-to-tape 2-Hour Call-in Program about Inuit Men’s Health.

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