Wednesday, July 15, 8:30-10:00 AM

Venue 1: Mental Health & Wellness #6 – Children and Youth

Moderators: Julia Christensen + Denise Kurszewski

Morgan, K.,* DeCourtney, C. A., & Harrigan, L. L. Camp Coho: A Culturally Appropriate Grief Camp for Alaska Native Children.

Kelly, M.,* Link, R., & Reading, J. The Role of Mentoring Aboriginal Youth Participants of the Cowachin (British Columbia, Canada) 2008 North American Indigenous Games.

Ketkina, O.,* Loginova, T., & Bojko, E. Influence of Adverse Ecological Factors on Psychophysiological and Emotional Condition of Teenagers living in the European North of Russia.

Sunnari, V. Sexism/Sexual Harassment in Schools and its Connections with Sexualized Violence in Intimate Relationships in Adulthood.

Lahey, W. On the Land Canoe Trip for Youth and Elders Supporting Mental Health and Wellness.

Venue 2: Service Delivery & Infrastructure #1 – Health Service Delivery

Moderators: Julie Lys + Amy Salmon

Polisena, J. Health Technology Assessments on Telehealth.

Ragus, L. C., & Kleinshmidt, K. Telehealth in Greenland.

McKinnon, T. Implementing on E-Health Program in Canada’s Most Challenged Region.

Manyguns, A., & Sarin, C.* Expanding Clinical Telehealth in Alberta First Nations.

Geraghty, A. Telespeech Language Pathology.

Jong, M. Video Resuscitation Save Lives in Remote Communities.

Rawat, R. Introducing Internet Communications Technologies to a Northern Health Context: Best Practices and Potential Implications.

Venue 3: Education and Building Resource/Research Capacity #5 – Nursing Education

Moderators: Anne Wieler + Pertice Moffit

Moeller, H. Nursing in the Arctic: Greenlandic Nurse’ Perspective.

Moeller, H. “I have told my Colleagues: When I work I am White” About the Experiences of Greenlandic and Inuit Nurses and Nursing Students.

Turner, G. Nurses for Nunatsiavut.

Kjeldsen, A. B.,* & Skifte, E. The Nurse as Care Assessor and Practitioner in Greenland.

Bourque-Bearskin, R. L.,* & Cameron, B. L. Shifting from Cultural Competence to Cultural Safety.

Faria, V.,* & Fikowski, H. Perspectives of Social Determinants of Health: A Comparative Analysis of Nursing and Social Work Education.

Venue 4: Infectious Diseases #6

Moderators: Karen Goodman + Kami Kandola

Koch, A. Prevalence of Chronic Otitis Media in Greenland over a 25-year Period.

Morse, A. L.,* Goodman, K. J., Munday, R., Morse, J. W., Van Zanten, V., & CANHelp Working Group. Aklavik H. Pylori Project Treatment Phase: Seeking an Effective Therapy for a Canadian Arctic Hamlet.

Amelchugova, O.,* Tsukanov, V. V., Shtygasheva, O. V., & Salmina, A. B. Gastric Epithelial Cell Apoptosis in Patients with Chronic Helicobacter Pylori Association Antrum Gastritis among Native and Alien Inhabitants of Eastern Siberia.

Duncan, K. C., Clement, K., Littlejohn, D., Loppie, C., Brandson, E. K.,* Fernandes, K. A., Palmer, A. K., Lima, V. D. Montaner, J. S. G., & Hogg, R. S. A HAART Full of Life: Variations in Quality of Life among Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Peoples ever on Antiretroviral Therapy.

Tsukanov, V. V.,* Butorin, N. N., Maadi, A. A., & Amelchugova, O. S. The Incidence Rates of the Gastric Cancer and Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori at the Population of Eastern Siberia.

Tsukanov, V. V.,* Tonkikh, J. L., Amelchugova, O. S., Shtygasheva, O. V., Ponomareva, I. M., & Bronnikova, E. P. The Association of Helicobacter Pylori Cag A Strains Prevalence with Ulcer Diseases in Siberia Mongoloids.

Venue 5: Food Security #5 – Food Security and Indigenous Wellness: Knowledge to Action part A

Moderators: Marilyn van Bibber, Norma Kassi, Jill Christensen + Sophia Wadowska

In this workshop, participants who are interested in indigenous wellness and the impacts of food security will have the opportunity to discuss next steps – moving research and knowledge into action as we journey towards food security for all. A guided discussion format will be used.

Venue 6: Database & Surveillance #1

Moderators: Alex Dudarev + Anna Bergen

Lachance, N. Population Health Indicators for First Nations in Alberta.

Kumar, M. Métis Health/Well-being Data Collection: Conceptual Snapshot of Factors Behind Data-paucity and Action Steps.

Voevoda, M.,* Romanova, A. N., Romanova, T. A., Makcharova, N. V., Tomskii, M. I., Yanchenko, O. V., Ogarkov, M. Y., Gyrgolkau, L. A., Ragino, Y. I., & Shakschneider, E. V. Common Diseases in Siberian Natives.

Gordon, J.,* & Tarrant, F. Using Health Needs Assessment to Inform Primary Health Care Planning.

Zulz, T.,* & Scholten, D. Establishing an International Circumpolar Collaborative Tuberculosis Working Group.

Andersson, M.,* Nielsen, N., Melbye, M., Ladefoged, K., & Koch, A. The Greenlandic National Inpatient Register as a Tool for Health Monitoring and Research in Greenland.

Banerji, A.,* & Young, M. Northern RSV Surveillance: Objectives, Methods, and Preliminary Results.

Aslam, M.,* Ogunnaike-Cooke, S., Boulos, D., & Archibald, C. P. for the A-Track Working Group. Establishing a Sentinel Surveillance System for HIV-Associated Risk Behaviours among Aboriginal Populations in Canada.

Venue 7: Newborn & Child Health #2 – Maternal Health & Surveillance (PART A)

Moderators: Gisela Becker + Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin

Jarvelin, M.-R. How maternal health matters for child’s health?

Anda, E.,* Nieboer, E., Wilsgaard, T., Kovalenko, A. A., & Odland, J. Y. A Detailed Comparison of Perinatal Mortality between Northern Norway and Murmansk Country (Russia).

Van Wagner, V. Remote Midwifery in Nunavik: Perinatal Outcomes 2000-2007.

Luo, Z.-C.,* Heaman, M., Smylie, J., Martens, P. J., & McHugh, N. G. L. Birth Outcomes among First Nations, Inuit, and Non-Indigenous Women in Northern Quebec.

Osborne, G.,* Lauson, S., Allan, M., Healey, G., Orlaw, C., McIntosh, S., & Arbour, L. The Development of a Comprehensive Maternal Child Health Surveillance System for Nunavut.

Potyrala, M.,* & Brewster, J. The Anaana Project: Maternal Health Survey in the Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut.

McIsaac, K. E.,* Young, T. K., Faraj, N., Egeland, G. M., & Qanuippitali Steering Committee. Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration, and Determinants among Canadian Inuit in Nunavut.

Machalek, K., Chatwood, S., Paulette, L., Becker, G. Development of a Perinatal Surveillance System for the Northwest Territories, Canada.

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